Monday, 24 June 2013

Short story: Until the end of time.

"If I give you my heart, will you keep it?" She whispered softly.

I nodded, fighting back tears. We stood at a crossroads, yet we could no longer travel together. She was crossing over time and I had to stay here. Stay the same.

I wouldn't ever be the same again. Life was not that easy, unfortunately. You made me into something I never thought I could be. You made me better all because you loved me.

"Give me your hand," you said and you smiled and I knew that it was for the last time.

"Stay with me," I begged. Your smile disappeared and you could only look at me with sorrow in your eyes.

"Look ahead! Your future is bright. Even without me, not a thing will change. Don't look back. Please. Don't ever look back." She removed her hand from mine and I could feel the weight of a cold stone resting in my hand.
"It's a star," she explained, "When I'm up in the sky, this will remind you of me. Keep it close to your heart and you will always feel happiness." She was silent for a moment as I gazed at her present without uttering a word. "When your time has come to go, when the happiness has faded away, bring the star back to the moon and you shall be brought back to me again."

With those words, she left me. She did not look back. I always held the star close to my heart. I had put a chain around it and hung it around my neck. Every time I thought of her I did not feel sadness or regret. I felt happy to know that I had known her. I was grateful for the times we've shared. She lived within me. Always.


Years pass by without mercy. Before we realise it, we're old and grey. Every day I missed her more and every day that feeling started nagging me and bothering me up until the point where I could not take it anymore. My time had come. Without realising what I was doing, I walked to the highest hill on a dark and bleak evening. The moon was shining but it was covered by thick clouds. I removed the stone from my neck, held it up and placed it in front of my feet.
The clouds cleared up. The moon shone tenderly upon me and the stars appeared to be dancing. The stone started to shine and rose and rose until it was nothing but a tiny dot in the night-sky.

The light started shining brighter until it blinded me. When I could open my eyes again, there she was. My love. She reached out her hand for me to hold and I grabbed it tightly. I was never going to let her slip away again.

I did not look back. My body was found the next day by hikers. Nobody attended my funeral. I did not really care. I was with her. Dancing in the sky until the end of time.

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