Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Elvis Presley

Sigh. I wish Elvis was still alive. A true legend and a fallen hero. I went to an Elvis fan-club day once. My dad had to perform there (not as Elvis imitator, just as someone singing songs by Elvis) and I was amazed that some people spent 200 euros on Elvis merchandise. I happened to win a dvd called Elvis, The Early Years with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers playing Elvis and I was amazed at his story. Such a tragedy. Anyways, there was an Elvis impersonator. He was an old Indo guy and insisted that we called him Rocking Billy. He even had his own website including biography and all that shit.

Here's a documentary that goes with the dvd I watched. It's about his last 24 hours :(

And here's part of the tv series with Jonathan:

That's all!

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  1. Musically: Undeniably good... In his life though, well... Rape, underage sex. I'd be careful about using the term 'Hero'.


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