Sunday, 27 January 2013

And this is why I will be embarrassed in years to come..

So, I was checking my Youtube channel and stumbled across this video again. It was a school project I did almost 3 years ago, in which we had to film our own version of Romeo and Juliet. This was our outcome. It was pretty fucking hilarious back then. I wrote the script and did the amazing make-up of my Romeo. One day, I will regret making this video. But hey, at least we had fun!

Inspiring Person #2: Mika

I can hear all you non-Mika fan people who read this blog sigh in unison. But yes, I'm really going to talk about the next inspiring person. At least to me. I'm totally fine with it if you're inspired by Bear Gryllis. Or Sarah Palin *shudder*. Just so you know, I accept you for who you are. Unless you step on kittens. Then you're just cruel.

So, without further ado, this blog is about the one and the only:

One of the sweetest, craziest and funniest people I've ever met, I've been following his career since the beginning of 2007. I recall the first time I ever saw him. I was just a 15 year old girl, still so young and naive. Not to mention innocent. Don't forget the innocent part. Anyways, I was watching tv and a show was on, called Jensen. I wasn't really a big fan of the show. Sometimes he did have nice guests, but other times it was complete shit. Not this time. They played a preview of Grace Kelly and I was instantly intrigued. Then Mika came on, and well, the rest is pretty much history.


I instantly downloaded his songs and the next day, I went to the store to buy his album. Considering the fact that I was still quite young, I couldn't really travel to see him perform, and it wasn't until November 2007, when he performed in Amsterdam, that I saw him for the first time live. It was amazing. And I was completely sold. So much so, that I was merely 16 years of age when I skipped 2 days of school to go to London for a gig. It wasn't the best experience, but Mika was great.

First time I met him was in 2008. It had been raining all day, I looked like a drowned kitten, but luckily, we were taken inside a tent where he would come and say hello. And he kept talking to me. And I kept nodding. And then he noticed I was freezing to death and he exclaimed: "OMG you're freezing! Don't get sick please!" after which he told my friend to give me whiskey. It was the start of many attempts to get me drunk.

I owe so much to him. I've met amazing people thanks to him (and some who are not really that amazing. Crazy bitches and shit) and I've had some amazing experiences. This is a guy who allowed me on his stage more than once, even though he was fully aware that I did not quite blend in with the background.

I've been fortunate enough to meet him quite a few times and he has always been nothing but sweet and generous. And funny. And patient. He was even totally fine with the fact that whenever I saw the word bitch, it reminded me of him. In a positive way of course <3.

Apart from being a generous guy, he's a brilliant musician in the first place. Very much underrated by too many people. His songs are heartfelt, upbeat, but with more layers. His voice, especially live is fantastic.

The reason why he is most important to me, if because he showed me that it's okay to be yourself. You shouldn't give a fuck about others, because you can only be happy if you are who you are. Even if that means you're slightly weird. Even if that means you fall in love with whoever you fall in love with.

So thank you Mika for being fucking awesome.

 Yay for our synchronized hand movements!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

To my dearest friend,

One look in your eyes tells me you'll never leave me. You'll never go because you gave me your heart. And when I hold you, I can feel your heart beating, I knew we were meant to be together, right from the start.

Together we explore the woods and places unknown to us before. And sometimes we would walk for too long and get lost, but it's okay because we always find the way back again. Truth be told, there is no one else I'd rather get lost with than with you, because I know that you will stand by my side and keep me warm when the cold becomes to hard to bear.

Sometimes you're scared, but that's okay. We all get scared sometimes. Though you don't want anybody to know that you're not the tough bitch they think you are. It's okay. You don't have to defend yourself. I will protect you, as I know you will protect me when necessary. Just lay down now, and let me hold you.

For you it doesn't matter what I look like. For you I don't have to put on make-up and put on a show. When I'm sad, you'll comfort me, when I'm happy, you're happy with me. You know no complications. You know happiness, and joy. You hold no grudges and have no regrets because you live in the now.

Sweetheart, time goes by so quickly, and it's hard to imagine that you don't have that long to live anymore. Of course, I pray for you to still be with me for years to come, because my heart breaks at the thought of goodbye.

My love, I know you can't speak but I hope you know that I love you. I love you more than I can express in words. You are my light, my friend when I needed a friend the most. My heart belongs to you. I just wish we had forever...

Oh how time flies by...

Friday, 25 January 2013

First step to maturity...

It's been a while, I know my darlings. I first had to survive a testweek in which I had to describe the horrors of the British empire. That wasn't fun ya'll. However, I'm all yours now. That deserves a blog! Huray!

Last Tuesday I picked up my driving license. This was a huge step in my development from innocent girl to innocent woman. Don't give me that look....Anyway, the past year I practised every week. Every single week I would drive around aimlessly, talking about random things with my instructor. I can assure you, if you spend 1,5 hours with someone in a small, confined space, you really get to know each other!

The journey hasn't always been easy though. I started out peeing my pants just by the thought of having to step inside that car. I would confuse the gas with the brake and fuck up majorly most of the time. I had no idea how to properly steer the damned thing. Hell, the first few weeks I guess I was lucky not to have run anybody over. Later, when I had gained some confidence, my instructor even confided that he was pretty fucking scared in the beginning and was wondering what the hell he got himself into. That was a massive ego-boost ya'll. Not.
I slowly became better, although I was still a bit panicky sometimes. It was nearly a year after I started that I was allowed to take an exam. And I failed. Why? Because I almost ran people over. That's generally not accepted. Second time, I got a full on anxiety attack. I was sweating, and panicking and was about to scream. When the guy said: "Let's park here and talk about it." I almost started crying and asked if it really was that bad. Needless to say, I failed.
Then I got a call 3 weeks ago. Exam. Saturday. Another guy was supposed to do it then, but his aunt ironically died in a car accident. I could do it, he said. I was ready.
I felt ready. I thought, fuck it. I wasn't going to waste another opportunity. I stepped inside that car and I drove like I had done all that time. And I passed. I was ecstatic. My instructors were insanely happy (finally got rid of me, hehe). A feeling of pride took hold of me. I did it. It was a long journey, but I did it. I accomplished it. It may not mean a lot to others when they pass their test without a single problem, but for me it was great because I had overcome obstacles, mainly put there by myself. I was my own worst enemy. Not anymore.

It's been tough, but it's been memorable at times too. I remember one of the first lessons, someone had just jumped in front of a train, and his/her flesh was still all over the rails. And I had to drive past it. Not the best of moments.
Or when I had to park in a garage and I had to retrieve the ticket. Which I could not reach. So instead of opening the door, I opened the window and hung out of it just to get that ticket. It was awkward, but funny.

Anyways, I know this post is not even remotely interesting, but I just had to share this highlight in my life with all the three people who are still reading this blog.

I promise I will try harder next time. Hehe.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Inspiring people #1: Katy Perry

So in this new installment, I will sometimes enlighten you with blogposts about people who I consider to be inspiring. Or whatever. Oh look a pink elephant!

First in this series is the one and only:

I first got to know about her back in April of 2008, when Myspace was still cool and she was still an unknown singer with an awesome song called Ur so Gay. We exchanged some messages back then and she told me she was going to conquer the world. A few months later, she did.
I became moderator on the KPF and followed her career ever since, including many failed attempts to see her live. The first time I did see her live was in March 2009 in Amsterdam. I really enjoyed the gig, but didn't get to meet her after unfortunately.
I tried to go to Cologne, but as we couldn't find the venue (hey, it was in some weird fucking place nobody ever heard of!) my dad (I was just 16 back then) decided to just drive back home. And I cried. Luckily, my dear Flori met her a week later and Katy told her she knew about it and gave her a chapstick to give me. Which made me happy.

Fast forward. 2 years later, Katy released Teenage Dream. And it exploded. She became the huge star I always knew she would be. She embarked on a world tour, called the California Dreams tour, and I was fortunate enough to meet her a couple of times. I can honestly say she is one of the funniest, most gorgeous and loveliest people I've ever met. The first time we met, in Brussels, I told her my name and she said: "Haven't we met before? I remember your name!" I told her I was supposed to be at many different places but never made it, and people always mentioned me, that was why. I was famous!
It was great seeing how much she evolved live. Compared to the Hello Katy tour, the California Dreams tour was massive and really one big show.

Last year, I got the chance to attend her film premiere in London. As I watched the crowd behind the barriers, screaming her name when she came out, I actually felt a bit proud. I know it's crazy. Some of my friends have met her many more times and are so much closer to her than I am. But it was wonderful to see someone whose career you've supported from when it was still in it's early stages, being cheered on by so many people. Also, I am not really a fan of those documentary kinda-films, but Part of Me was really inspiring, even when you're not a fan. Go see it. Now!

It is rumoured that she will release a new album this year. I do hope so. I really want to see how she has evolved as an artist and what kind of crazy things she comes up with for next tour. And hopefully I will get to meet her again, because she truly is an inspiring person.

First time meeting her. It was a bit awkward, but hey, we totz made up for the awkwardness the times after that.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dear Justin Timberlake,

It's been a long time. I know, I know. I was 12 when I became a fan of you. It was 2003, you shaved off those blonde curls of yours and no longer resembled a lost poodle. I must admit, at first I didn't like you. You seemed like a bit of an ass. But hey, let's forget about all that. My love for you grew steadily. You took away my concert virginity. Yes, the first ever concert I went to was yours. I was in the very back with my cousin and we brought a nice home made banner that said: "JUSTIN YOU'RE THE GREATEST, REGARDS, I&M". I was 12 back then. It was still considered cute!

After that, I waited another 3 years before you released your second solo album. And maaaan did you bring sexy back! I was a little older, 15 I think, but still all giggly and shy whenever you mentioned the word sex (hihi...oh wait). A new gig in Holland was announced. In December! And the gig wasn't until June. I was so excited I bought an overpriced ticket and for the first time ever, I worked as a babysitter. I cared for the evil spawn of the devil for a few days just to get those 50 euros to pay for your ticket. You should be grateful for that.
But then the unthinkable happened. I started to lose interest in you. I ripped those posters of you off of my wall. Someone else came along. A curly-haired individual stole your thunder. I only went to your gig because I already bought the ticket and felt it might relieve the babysit trauma. And it was a good concert, Justin, no worries about that. I was once again in the back of the fucking stadium and was too afraid I would tumble down to actually move, but I really liked it. Apart from Timbaland. Even live his "Yeahs" and "ehs" didn't really add anything to the performance.

I moved on JT, and so did you. You became an actor and acted in some films of which some were not even worthy of seeing (ahum Edison) and some were quite enjoyable (I liked In Time, or whatever the fuck it was called. Oh and Bad Teacher was mkay too). It seemed as though our paths split and it was goodbye.

A few days ago, on Twitter, you announced new music. I must admit, my youth sentiment was revived. I felt excited. Anxious. I wanted the music right away! You released some promo clip which was a huge anti-climax. Still I was excited.
Not long after, you released the first single, named Suit&tie. At first I thought it was dedicated to Barney Stinson (from How I met your mother for all of you who are unknowing). I listened. The intro was weird. Then you started singing, I liked that. Then Timbaland felt the need to sing along. Please tell him to stop next time. And also tell him to take a grammar course. The way I are? Seriously?
Justin, the song is okay. I kinda like it. But I didn't want a meh song. I wanted to be blown away. I wanted to get that feeling back. That feeling I had when I was 12 years old and still innocent and shit. I didn't get that feeling. Such a shame.

Now, JT, I still really enjoy your singing. As you may know by now, I have a thing for men using their falsetto. I just hope, my dear Justin, that the rest of your new album will be more promising and awesome than this.


Your former fangirl.


Monday, 7 January 2013

And this is why we're fucked.

I don't even know why I even waste my time on this, but I had to get this off of my chest. Today I was involved in a facebook discussion. When I see something on Facebook and I don't agree with it, I respond. Today's topic was about black people having to go back to their country, because they only use 'our' kindness and generosity and don't work at all! Reason for this was because the poster of the message was insulted by a black man. I asked him if it wasn't better to identify him as a human being, instead of just his skin colour. He might have been an ass, but what's that to do with where he comes from?

Anyway, the following 6 hours was followed by a stream of abuse of not very intelligent people who claimed that "Holland is for Dutch people!" "They should adjust themselves!" "Fuck off!". They should all learn Dutch! It was not appreciated when I told them that their Dutch wasn't that proficient either. Furthermore, I was insulted many times because I simply asked for a clarification of their opinions. If you believe in something, then you should at least be able to explain why, right? Wrong. I was nothing but a bitch. How dare I be a smartass? I should just leave and never return again. You would think these people are 16/17 and in a rebellious phase. Wrong. These were adult women (and some men) with families of their own, who couldn't handle a mature discussion and resorted to insults.

What worries me the most is that these women have children. And these children will grow up learning that all people who are not white, are unworthy. And the more these people breed, the more new people will come into this world knowing only hate. There's enough hate already. There's enough misunderstanding already. Every day we are ripped apart even more because we only learned that it's wrong being different. If you don't belong to a certain group, you do not count. If you don't belong to a certain race, you have no right for equality. We pride ourselves in saying our country is liberal, but we're not. We pretend. We are just like we were in 1800, we only know how to hide it better. You won't get treated the same if you're black. You're disgusting if you're gay and if you look different than the rest of us, you're fucked.
Unfortunately, the majority of humanity consists of these kinds of people. And that's why we're fucked. Forget the apocalypse, all normal people will die out eventually and nothing but short-sighted idiots will be walking the Earth's surface.
I don't know if I want to have any children. What kind of world do we force them to live in? A world filled with nothing but fear and hate and judgement. And why? Because people refuse to think out of the box. They stick to what they know and everything else should just go away. That's wrong. We should open our eyes instead of keep being blinded by all we don't want to see. We're all here anyway. We live in the same world, in the same country or even in the same area. And just because you hate something because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it will go away if you keep harrassing it.

Maybe I'm too liberal. Maybe I believe in Fairy Tales. But maybe one day, we will all be able to forget the differences and move on as one.

Or else hope the aliens will accidentally blow us up before then.

                                "Fuck man, humans are crazy. Let's get the fuck out of here."

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Like the Sun...

First post of the new year! Wooohoo! So, while I should have done my school work, I instead decided to write an English version of Mika's song Comme un Soleil, which, shock horror, is a French song. Note that this is not a literal translation, although I took parts of the translation as well. But you know, I tried to make it rhyme a bit. Not saying this version is Grammy worthy, but hey, at least I procrastinated for a good half hour!

In the unlikely event that you wish to copy this version, please link back to this blog. Because I will find you. And hunt you down. And get the chupacabras to eat you.

Like the Sun
I'm like a sun in a bad mood
Which doesn't want to shine
Which can't stand a smile
Even if it's not mine

I'm like a sun in a bad mood
Which doesn't want to rise
Which leaves you in the cold
By taking the light from your eyes

I'm like the sun in a bad mood
Which doesn't want to rise
Which slips away through your fingers
I guess it's no surprise

I'm on my own
Without your pretty face, so alone
Just like the sun
No matter the price I pay, the light is gone

And like a sun in a bad mood
Setting in a black sky
I can burst into tears
But the tears quickly dry

I'm not asking for the impossible
Nor for glory for all to see
I just want the sun in my life
but the sun, it is me

I'm on my own
Without your pretty face, so alone
Just like the sun
No matter the price I pay, the light is gone

I'm like a sun without a crown
A king without a castle
Why do you run away from me?
I only shine at your horizon

Love, it's as stupid as the moon
What wouldn't we do for nothing
I can't sleep without pills
Waiting for what time will bring

I'm on my own
Without your pretty face, so alone
Just like the sun
No matter the price I pay, the light is gone

Mika - Un soleil mal luné, Brussels Cirque Royal 3-11-2012 from Ingrid Chant on Vimeo.

The French version, filmed by yours truly.