Friday, 25 January 2013

First step to maturity...

It's been a while, I know my darlings. I first had to survive a testweek in which I had to describe the horrors of the British empire. That wasn't fun ya'll. However, I'm all yours now. That deserves a blog! Huray!

Last Tuesday I picked up my driving license. This was a huge step in my development from innocent girl to innocent woman. Don't give me that look....Anyway, the past year I practised every week. Every single week I would drive around aimlessly, talking about random things with my instructor. I can assure you, if you spend 1,5 hours with someone in a small, confined space, you really get to know each other!

The journey hasn't always been easy though. I started out peeing my pants just by the thought of having to step inside that car. I would confuse the gas with the brake and fuck up majorly most of the time. I had no idea how to properly steer the damned thing. Hell, the first few weeks I guess I was lucky not to have run anybody over. Later, when I had gained some confidence, my instructor even confided that he was pretty fucking scared in the beginning and was wondering what the hell he got himself into. That was a massive ego-boost ya'll. Not.
I slowly became better, although I was still a bit panicky sometimes. It was nearly a year after I started that I was allowed to take an exam. And I failed. Why? Because I almost ran people over. That's generally not accepted. Second time, I got a full on anxiety attack. I was sweating, and panicking and was about to scream. When the guy said: "Let's park here and talk about it." I almost started crying and asked if it really was that bad. Needless to say, I failed.
Then I got a call 3 weeks ago. Exam. Saturday. Another guy was supposed to do it then, but his aunt ironically died in a car accident. I could do it, he said. I was ready.
I felt ready. I thought, fuck it. I wasn't going to waste another opportunity. I stepped inside that car and I drove like I had done all that time. And I passed. I was ecstatic. My instructors were insanely happy (finally got rid of me, hehe). A feeling of pride took hold of me. I did it. It was a long journey, but I did it. I accomplished it. It may not mean a lot to others when they pass their test without a single problem, but for me it was great because I had overcome obstacles, mainly put there by myself. I was my own worst enemy. Not anymore.

It's been tough, but it's been memorable at times too. I remember one of the first lessons, someone had just jumped in front of a train, and his/her flesh was still all over the rails. And I had to drive past it. Not the best of moments.
Or when I had to park in a garage and I had to retrieve the ticket. Which I could not reach. So instead of opening the door, I opened the window and hung out of it just to get that ticket. It was awkward, but funny.

Anyways, I know this post is not even remotely interesting, but I just had to share this highlight in my life with all the three people who are still reading this blog.

I promise I will try harder next time. Hehe.

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