Thursday, 28 June 2012

Chase the Rain

I wake, a tender breeze caressing my skin.
I think of you, and I wonder where you've been.
In my mind collide the memories of yesterday
And all of our hopes that slowly faded away.

I see your face and your smile stops the flow of words
In silence we gather to listen to the song of the birds
And we dance in the meadow of broken dreams
We follow the river, wherever it streams

As we say goodbye, please don't erase me from your mind
If you're lost and lonely, know that all's here what you left behind
And when the tears won't ever ease the pain
Find me, just chase the rain.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Behind the scenes

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes from Ingrid Chant on Vimeo. For the new project I'm working on, a couple of my friends and I did a photoshoot. We had lots of fun doing it, as can be seen in the video. I hope you enjoy this video and more things will follow soon!