Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

As the new best new Year's resolution is to not have any resolutions, I will leave you with this post!

Let's Boogie our way into 2013!

Or if you are lonely and sad tonight:
Let's make New Year's resolutions we won't keep anyway! Like going to the gym.
Or understanding your family and friends better

It's going to be a fucking great year, let's make the most of it!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bring on 2013!

Christmas is (almost) over. I still have presents to unwrap and one massive dinner as we Dutch people like to add an extra Christmas day, but apart from that we're done with that shizzle. We've survived the invisible apocalypse. Every Home Alone film has been on tv as well as all 456 parts of Beethoven and Harry Potter. We're all fat now and probably still hungover. As for me, I am in bed with a sore throat and fever, but it's been a good Christmas.

2013 is lurking around the corner now and I'm convinced it will be a good year as well. All of you pessimists and your financial crisises and shit can just go off and be negative in a corner because this year we'll be all about rainbows and positivity bitches because that's how I roll!

2012 has been a great year. There have been highs and lows as is always the case, but over all I can say I've had a fucking good time. I mean, I've been to a fucking film premiere just to name one thing. I've been to many places, I've seen many new things and I've experienced things I never thought I would. It's the year in which I became an adult (legally anyway. Not sure mentally) and I feel like I've grown a lot. Not literally. I'm still fun-sized, but you know what I mean. Even though I'm still in this "Omg-I'm-21-my-life-is-almost-over-what-am-I-going-to-do-with-myself?" phase, I also know that there are things I definitely want to get done in 2013 and even though I won't elaborate on them right now, I'm positive they will happen.

Thank you to all my old friends for making 2012 amazing and for my new friends who've come and enriched my life. And thank you to all you whores out there who've tried to make life a little harder at times. I enjoy snapping my fingers at your patheticness. And if patheticness is not a word, it is now. Because I'm cool like that.
Thank you also to Mika. I know, everyone who reads this will roll their eyes and be like: "Bitch, stop talking about him. Why are you still like so obsessed with him. Like stahp." I don't give a shit though. It's up to them to judge while I just go out and see the world and listen to amazing music. Thank you for the amazing opportunities and your kindness and of course the music. Hopefully 2013 will be even better!

As we're getting all sentimental here now, I might as well just talk about some special people in my life who have made it all worthwhile.
My dear classmates who make life at college bearable and who are great partners in bitching about everything and just are generally amazing.

My Dutch lovergirl Renate, because she's been by my side ever since we were 12 year old kids who knew nothing about the world. We don't get to see each other as often as we should, but real friendship lasts despire that inconvenience.

Luke, Laura and Niko: For accompanying me on so many journeys, for being just as crazy as I am. Thank you all for the amazing moments we've shared the past year. From partying all night and then rushing to the airport to catch a plane, to spending 12 hours packing bags overnight in our very own sweat shop, to proposing to me while I'm on stage and therefore turning it all in one big comedy show. Thank you. Thank you for being there even though there is so much distance between us. Thank you for supporting me in the good times and the bad and hopefully you will feel like I've been there for you as well when you needed it. On to many more adventures next year!

Babet: I'm happy we got to spend time this year especially now you're in faraway SouthHampton. You're my favourite glitterbitch!

Also thank you to Lauren, Kate and Flori from KPF. After all those years, we're still a good team, managing that shit! Especially to Flori, my European fellow Hot Mama. We don't see each other as much as we should!

Thank you to my family for putting up with me and for showing me the craziness is in our DNA.

Thank you to all the amazing people I've met this year or have seen again. I know I will forget people, but just know that you're in my mind: Robin, Anneleen, Maxim, Emiel, Marjolein, Vicky and family, Rose, Yulia, my co-workers, Kath, Shawn, Fran, Miri, the lovely people from the Amsterdam Polkadot choir, especially Susanna and Judith, my Spanish lover Ana and Diana, my German kittens and basically everyone else I've forgotten. Thank you.

I know this is already a fucking long ass post but I'm just going to make it longer by adding these sentimental pictures and videos.

Fucking up on stage but doing it well

  With my cousins. We've grown!

                                          At the Katy Perry Part of Me premiere in London

                                            At the Harry Potter studios.


Thank you all for making 2012 amazing!


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Since the world did not end...

If you're wondering where I've been the past days, I was in the sewer with Britney and a bunch of half-naked individuals dancing until the world would end. Which did not happen. Obviously. All those days of watching Doomsday Preppers on Discovery Channel were in vain. I was expecting zombies and aliens and unicorns to commence a big war whilst flames of hell embraced us and burned us to the ground. I was expecting Jesus to appear and be like: "Dudes, told ya I was coming back. Here's your last supper, bitches!" And then he would totally throw soja beans at random people because I imagine Jesus to be a vegetarian bad-ass.

All of that did not happen. The only thing I've learned from this is how to make Chicken Piri Piri and keep it edible for 20 years. I know how to design kick-ass costumes that will make me disappear in every landscape. Which would be brilliant, if only landscapes would stay the same. I imagine if I changed my super awesome costume, the aliens would come and find me anyway and I'd be dead. Unless I'm in a snowy landscape, then I'm fine as I'm pretty fucking pale. But then I'd probably freeze to death.

Let's face it, the Mayans were probably some lazy ass bastards. Like me, they probably start these projects and then halfway they thought "Fuck, this shit takes too much time. You know what we should do instead? Sacrifice a virgin! YAY!" I don't sacrifice virgins though. Too bloody. I just give up and do something else.
Anyways, the Mayans were lazy or just liked a good practical joke. I bet they're up their in Maya Heaven laughing their asses off at us morons. We made such a big deal out of this shit and some even believed it was going to happen. I can assure you Britney was very disappointed after grinding hot men in the sewer all day for nothing!

So, we're still here and as I suck at sending Christmas cards, this one is for all of you. Because I love you so much.

Merry Christmas bitches!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Dream Eaters

When darkness falls and night embraces us
We seek refuge in the comfort of our beds.
Hidden underneath the sheets we're safe for the passing of time
While we quietly listen to hear the lonesome bell chime.

When darkness falls the night creatures crawl from the shadows
Glaring at us hopefully, creeping closer when we're falling away
Until we sleep so peacefully.

Merry dreams of joyful moments vanish as the creatures touch your skin.
Gone are thoughts of eternal love as it's your dreams they're eating.

Hope escapes through our fingertips
We had it all and now it's gone
Until our head is filled with blackness
Which we wake up with and just carry on.

If we open our eyes things might get better
If we fix our hate instead of letting it all fall apart
If instead of letting fear be our guidance
We follow the footsteps of a young child's heart.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Never let go

I hear your heart beat from a distance
And I know I'm on your mind
There is no need for resistance
'Cause you're the one I'll find

At the end of the road where we'll meet
When everything's been said and done
Touch me and make me complete
Like the light of a rising sun

Let your tears create a river
That will flow to the sea
When the longing makes you shiver
It will bring you back to me

I'm thinking of you, lover
And my heart aches to hear your voice
There are so many ways to discover
That letting go is not a choice.

Sunday, 2 December 2012