Monday, 17 December 2012

Dream Eaters

When darkness falls and night embraces us
We seek refuge in the comfort of our beds.
Hidden underneath the sheets we're safe for the passing of time
While we quietly listen to hear the lonesome bell chime.

When darkness falls the night creatures crawl from the shadows
Glaring at us hopefully, creeping closer when we're falling away
Until we sleep so peacefully.

Merry dreams of joyful moments vanish as the creatures touch your skin.
Gone are thoughts of eternal love as it's your dreams they're eating.

Hope escapes through our fingertips
We had it all and now it's gone
Until our head is filled with blackness
Which we wake up with and just carry on.

If we open our eyes things might get better
If we fix our hate instead of letting it all fall apart
If instead of letting fear be our guidance
We follow the footsteps of a young child's heart.

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