Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Hey sexy people!

At the moment, apart from working and going to uni, I am keeping myself busy with 2 different projects. One is a full lenght story and one is another sort of project about love. It will be published as a book, but basically it's a collection of letters that will tell a supah sad love story. I know, I'm so sentimental!

Because I love you so much, here's a tiny excerpt:

You spoke with so much joy about all the things you admired. You asked me questions I did not wish to answer. I was not important. I did not matter. I just wanted to hear your voice, the music to my heart. I took you outside at night, when all was silent and the world asleep. We watched the stars together, and you said that one day you would be up there. I asked you what you meant. You said that you believed that when you died, when your body was nothing more than a shell where once life had flourished, you would turn into a star shining brighter than any other. I laughed and asked you if you would watch over me when that day would come. You promised you would. My smile, however was not sincere. I did not want you to die. I wanted you to live forever. Nothing in this world seemed to make sense without you. The moment you would die, time would also. And my heart.

The scarce moments I was left alone, I did not enjoy my lonely thoughts. All I cared for was how I could be with you once again. It seemed as though my love for you only grew more and more the moments I could not see you. With every pound my heart ached. I cried, I admit, whenever my voice could not reach you, call for you, comfort you.
So yeah, that's basically what I am doing right now. Also, I am considering to rewrite parts of my short stories, Fairytales before Dark, improve it all and then publish it. Who knows?

I hope to share more with you all soon.



Tuesday, 14 February 2012


This Valentine's day, I would like to dedicate a blog post to my amazing and talented friend Niko a.k.a Bubbles, who is about to dominate the world.

Niko and I have been through many crazy adventures. That's how I know that apart from being a unique and great singer, he is also an amazing person. He's fierce, sexah, and saved my ass from a lunatic Slash fangurl, plus he does a great Gaga impersonation!

I witnessed the recording of his first hit song and I will consider putting up the *ahum* exclusive material I filmed at the studio. For now, just listen to his song Mr. Dramarama, watch the video and give him your support. Because one day very soon, he will dominate the world.

Listen to Mr. Dramarama here!

Jedward's support act:

Monday, 13 February 2012

If you do not look rich, we don't want you as a customer

Children! I am still alive and kicking! I've been through a hectic period so the last thing on my mind was to blog, but here I am and I need to slam my fist on the table and make a point (as usual.

A few days ago I just got off work and was in great need of lip balm, as girls do. I decided to go into a perfume store that is quite well-known in my country. The thing with this store is, I've had quite some negative experiences with the store in the past. Therefore I first check if many people are inside, before I go in. The reason for this are the wonderful staff members, who believe they are God's given gift to humanity. Anybody who is not as super cool and 'pretty', read hasn't got much money, is basically not welcome. Anyways, I decided to venture into the shop at my own risk.

Considering this store was quite big, I had a lot of trouble finding something as ordinary as a lipbalm. Heaven forbid I decided it was a good idea to ask someone, right? WRONG. At a normal perfume store, they tackle you the moment you come in to ask if they can help you. Now, they all threw me dirty looks. I asked the lady very politely if she could help me. She was just standing there, being a snob. Her reply:

"No, I'm busy. I will be right with you."

Then she walked away and guess what. She did not return. I quickly recovered from this ordeal, got some hand cream as well and found the lip balm at the cash register. Perfect, right? WRONG.
The woman helped everybody in front of me, behind me, next to me, on the roof, but completely ignored me. Her many layers of foundation dripped off her face, as she was already thinking about her upcoming nightly escapades with a dark room dude in some sweaty club. At last, she seemed to notice me and asked me a very rhetorical question.

"Oh, you have something to pay?"

No Lady. I just loooove standing around here, watching your inability to show any facial emotion. However, my bus was waiting and I grudginly decided to pay.
The girl must have been 22 tops, but then she used a baby voice and said:

"I put in a little gift. For you. You may use it yourself."

My astonished look and eye roll must have confused her. I found it rather weird to be spoken to as if I am a retard.

Now you might say, that is not that bad, right? Perhaps, but considering the fact that there have been some other incidents before at this shop, I was quite pissed. The worst incident being when I was about 15 and went there with my friends and asked the woman a question and she answered with: "Yeah, well if I give you advice, you must at least buy something." How about no. How about, I decide if I buy something or not? Also, when I was around that age, I asked for something and she just rolled her eyes right in front of me.

Of course I googled to see if others had similar experiences. Many did. Apparently, if you do not look like you have money, you are a second class citizen and dirt. Disgusting. What about the customer is king? They obviously don't realise that those 15 year olds will one day grow up and have enough money to spend. Like I do. But not at their store anymore.

To not end this rant with such negativity (as rants do) here's a video of a cute dog: