Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Hey sexy people!

At the moment, apart from working and going to uni, I am keeping myself busy with 2 different projects. One is a full lenght story and one is another sort of project about love. It will be published as a book, but basically it's a collection of letters that will tell a supah sad love story. I know, I'm so sentimental!

Because I love you so much, here's a tiny excerpt:

You spoke with so much joy about all the things you admired. You asked me questions I did not wish to answer. I was not important. I did not matter. I just wanted to hear your voice, the music to my heart. I took you outside at night, when all was silent and the world asleep. We watched the stars together, and you said that one day you would be up there. I asked you what you meant. You said that you believed that when you died, when your body was nothing more than a shell where once life had flourished, you would turn into a star shining brighter than any other. I laughed and asked you if you would watch over me when that day would come. You promised you would. My smile, however was not sincere. I did not want you to die. I wanted you to live forever. Nothing in this world seemed to make sense without you. The moment you would die, time would also. And my heart.

The scarce moments I was left alone, I did not enjoy my lonely thoughts. All I cared for was how I could be with you once again. It seemed as though my love for you only grew more and more the moments I could not see you. With every pound my heart ached. I cried, I admit, whenever my voice could not reach you, call for you, comfort you.
So yeah, that's basically what I am doing right now. Also, I am considering to rewrite parts of my short stories, Fairytales before Dark, improve it all and then publish it. Who knows?

I hope to share more with you all soon.



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