Thursday, 16 May 2013

Positive thinking

The people who follow me on social media are probably aware of the fact that I've recently lost my job. Crisis, you know. The fact that I am 21 years old doesn't help my case either, as even though it is illegal, many employers discriminate on age. It is peculiar that I am barely out of my teenage years, yet already seen as 50. Life is weird sometimes.

I was over at my dad's house today and I expressed my concerns about my financial situation. My dad has recently followed his dream and became a hypno-therapist. He said that I should not keep thinking about money in a negative way. I should visualise that I have enough money. I should visualise everything that I want, think that I already have it and it will happen to me. The power of positive thinking.

He showed me a video of people explaining the whole concept and it got me thinking. I want to try this as an experiment and see if it will work. Who wants to try it with me? Now success is not guaranteed and it might not even happen within say, a week. Patient is a virtue. I will try this out and report back to you as I go along. These were the steps you had to take:

1. Write down a list about what you are grateful for now and think about this list at least once a day.
2. Visualise the things you want to have. Create a list or moodboard, whatever works for you. Imagine that these things already belong to you. Don't think about them as being in the future but see them as something that you have now.
3. Be patient and think positively.

I'm not saying that I am convinced it will work, but as I can use a little positivity in my life at the moment, I am going to try this and see where it will get me...


  1. Luckily, I am naturally positive - sometimes to the point of annoying - but i would be willing to support you if you need it. Unfortunately, my positivity is to the point where I can't handle negative people or comments about anything. Though perhaps this is a good thing sometimes. Anyway, I wish you well on you positive path! KW x ps. Being positive about the positive thinking is always helpful!

  2. I'm not thinking in a negative way usually, I am just easily worried and I have to learn to let that go. It's getting better though!


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