Friday, 24 May 2013

Inspiring person + Polite but urgent request: ERIKA!

Gosh I'm in a blogging mood! Speaking of inspiring, awesome ladies, there is another lady I want to introduce to you. I guess the majority of the people who read this blog will know her, but for all of you who are not as totally awesome, I will introduce you to the wonderful ERIKA!

I first got to know Erika when she was still known as iMMa. She was Mika's backing vocalist and truth be told, she often outshined that man on stage, both vocally as with her amazing presence. When she sang Happy Ending, it just gave you chills. The power of her voice is insane. I wish I had her voice and am still jealous that my parents did not give me that much talent whilst in the process of creating me.

Apart from being in singing and performing, she is also a very sweet lady! I wish that I had more of a chance to speak to her in person when she was still with Mika, but I enjoy following her on twitter and of course seeing her become the great star she inevitably is going to become very soon.

And here is the awesome thing! YOU, yes you can help her become that star! All you have to do is empty your pockets and give it to a good cause! What? You can't pay your rent? Who cares about rent when you can help out an amazing artist? Go back to living with your mother, she will do your laundry as well! So click this link to pledge on her latest project and watch the awesomeness unfold right in front of your eyes! And if you don't pledge, well I will tell your mother not to ever make your favourite dish again. The choice is yours...

Edit: I once also took these awesome pics of her:

Edit Edit:

This is our awesome crazy dancing moment in Amsterdam at 3:09 when I thought it was a good idea to dress up as Alice in Wonderland.

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