Friday, 24 May 2013

Inspiring Person: Dita von Teese

Hello my darlings!

Today it's time for another installment of my inspiring people posts. Today I want to discuss a very special lady, namely:

Dita von Teese. There's a lot that you can say about her, but one thing can't be denied. The woman is stunning. Last year I attended a signing in London when she released her new perfume. At that point I knew her, I liked her, but I didn't think too much of the whole thing. I was mainly there because my dear friend Shawn wanted to drool all over her.
We went there early, stood in line, queued for a while and then she arrived. There was an immediate fuss everywhere. I didn't see her going in as I was too cool for school then (at least so I thought) and didn't want to lose my spot. It wasn't long until we were taken inside the shop and I saw her sitting at the table, being the most elegant creature ever to have walked the earth's surface. Every movement she made seemed so effortless and yet so graceful. She looked flawless. It was my turn to go up to her. She asked me how I was. I said I was good and what about her. Good she said. Then the awkward moment happened. I didn't know what to say. Anyone knowing me knows that I usually find it very difficult to shut the hell up. The only thoughts racing through my mind were: "Say something! Stop staring! Bitch, get yourself together!" She signed my stuff and thanked me for coming and that was it. I couldn't believe myself. Never in my life have I been so star-struck.

I know why I was so impressed though. Dita is the example of a true woman. Yes, she is a burlesque dancer. Yes she takes her clothes off. People are easy to judge when it comes to strippers, but I have rarely seen someone who is such a good example for women as Dita is. She embraces her beauty and her body, is confident and very sexy. It seems to me that many women today are afraid of embracing their sexuality in that way. Dita is fearless and classy. A true rolemodel. She brings back the glamour of glorious years long past our memories and I am grateful for that.

If I ever get to meet her again, I will make sure I have something more to say. I didn't want to tell her she was beautiful, as I knew she hears that about 98967965 times a day.

Dita, thank you for being inspiring and for bringing back glamour into this dull world. Thank you for showing me that my much detested fair skintone is actually beautiful and thanks for being awesome!

 And with my favourite curly man:

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