Friday, 1 November 2013

It's NaBloPoMo!

It's November! Which means many things happen. Yes, Summer is definitely over and the times of freezing to death are near. Men grow moustaches because of Movember. But most importantly, it's NaNoWriMo!

My intention was to finish a novel this month. I'm already well on my way, but this would be a great challenge for me. Just finishing the damn thing. However, that doesn't seem very likely at the moment. Even though I decided to take it easy, there are still a shitload of things that need to get done, which are, quite frankly, more important for now. But do not fret, that story will somehow get finished before I turn 80. Yay!

So, instead, I decided to do NaBloPoMo. Which basically means I will post a blog every day in November. 30 days of blogs filled with nonsense and my thoughts on a variety of topics. Oh the joy. I promise I will try to keep it entertaining, so if you have an idea for me to blog about, send me a message on twitter or via email.

It will be a challenge for me, as I sometimes write a lot of blogs, but at times I forget. I will think of great topics to write about, but then not do so because I'm too tired/lazy/*fill in the blank of lame excuses*.

Not this time though. The past few months have taught me that writing is my future. I make up stories all day in my head and I enjoy sharing them with the world. Of course, I'm still learning, but every single day I get more and more motivated to do what makes me happy. Which is writing.

I've been writing ever since I was about 7 years old. Even then I tried to write in English, which I did surprisingly well for that age. I wrote poems and songs and short stories, mostly about how I felt. These stories weren't very good, but at least my notebook gave me an outlet to vent all my thoughts because even at that age I was a thinker. There were also a lot of bad things I had to deal with, and putting it all on paper was a way for me to deal with it and move on. I still have those notebooks and wil try to post some of them on this blog tonight.

Some people live for dancing. Others enjoy collecting things. I find my joy in writing and I hope that I will give you, whoever is reading this, joy in reading my words.

Until tomorrow,


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