Monday, 4 November 2013

The art of creating things

At the moment I'm studying Art, Culture and research at the University of Arts and as I'm halfway through now, I'm starting to realise that I adore this so much more than what I do now. Don't get me wrong, I love studying the English language and I enjoy working with children, but there is a certain kind of magic in starting with nothing and creating something out of it.

Right now I take 3 courses; Creating a performance, creative writing and creating with media. In the first one I study performance arts and we get to see different ways of looking at the world. Shakespeare was right, all the world's a stage! We're also creating one big performance as a group which is an incredibly interesting process. We're with quite a lot of people and everybody has his or her own idea about what they want to happen and it's interesting and rewarding to see all the ideas come together. I am sure once the performance is done, it will be a joy to watch and I'm sure we will all be proud of what we accomplished.

This week will be my last day at creative writing before I will have to do something else. I will miss it a lot because, as many of you know, writing is my passion. I enjoyed sharing work in class and discussing it. I will perform my final piece this Wednesday and will of course post it here when I get my final grade.

Last course is creating with media. I find this the most difficult one as the teachers are really critical of our work. I hope that we get to do more individual assignments in terms of photography and film as I have some very good ideas about what I want to do and I now have the tools to make awesome things.

I love the creative processes. I love thinking outside of the box. I love just having an outlet of creative energy and I'm sure that I will continue creating things when I'm done in February. I want to not only become a better writer, but I want to become a better artist and inspire others, the way I was inspired.

I will aim to make good art. Every single day.

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