Sunday, 3 November 2013

This day a year ago..

Today this was a year ago:

For 12 hours in a row, we had been packing paper bags with heart balloons and cards and this was the result. Why would you do such a crazy thing, you ask?

Well, for this moment:

The four of us were sleep-deprived, annoyed and hungry, but when we saw this, we felt proud. Especially his reaction is amazing. The whole day was special, minus the sleep-deprivation. As sometimes memories need to remain personal treasures, I won't share everything that happened that day, but it was special. That entire week was special. It started off the Saturday before in Paradiso, then in Cologne where I got to share the stage with my friends and also Brussels was a friend party. We were given so much freedom that we did not end up using, but it was great that we were trusted to that extent.

People often ask me why I go to see the same artist over and over again, whether this is Mika or Katy or whoever. It's hard to explain and I guess hard to understand when you're not that involved with any specific artist. It's just that whenever you walk into a venue and the lights go down and the first beats of your favourite song starts playing, you get lost in this magical realm that lasts for two hours. It makes you forget your worries, forget the pain in your legs. Just you and the music. And you want to relive that moment over and over again because it makes you happy, no matter what others may say.
I've been fortunate enough to create great memories at gigs which will stay with me for a life-time. Not one show is the same, that's for sure.

I hope that many more great memories will follow soon. I'm sure the magic won't get lost.

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