Wednesday, 11 September 2013

When worlds collide

It's the 11th of September as I'm writing this. We all know what happened 12 years ago and I won't write a long essay about that day. It was horrible what happened and it is sad that we live in a world in which those things are no longer exceptions.

I learned a lot today. I was educated some more about mentally disabled people and how they view the world. The people who we were educated about lived in a world of their own, away from our society. We find them strange and put a label on them because we can't deal with the fact that they're not 'normal'. But what is normal? Who defines that term?

While I was on the train back home I started thinking about this world apart issue. I quickly came to the conclusion that not only abled and disabled people live in different worlds. It appears as though the planet Earth is divided into different worlds and every world has their own definition of what is considered normal. In the Western world it is considered normal to work as a woman even though you have children. In some other countries it is perfectly fine for a man to have multiple wives.
The problem with having all these different worlds in one is that there is bound to be misunderstanding. We all cling on to our own ideas of what is normal and what is not and we judge others if they don't live up to our expectations. It's how hate is born. We don't comprehend it so we condemn it. Simple. We want everybody to live up to our own standards and if it won't happen peacefully, violence will be used.

I am not saying everybody will resort to violence or hate. There are plenty of people who are open-minded. Who won't stop to cross the borders of these other worlds. Who try to understand. The problem is that mostly those who do not open their eyes are the ones in charge. Those who hold on to what they believe in and see it as the truth. They have the power and if they don't have it, they will take it.

I don't believe that with so many people walking the Earth's surface, we will ever find complete peace. It is unrealistic. I just hope that by talking and listening we will manage to get a little more understanding for others. It isn't necessary to agree with others. A little respect would go a long way. And maybe, just maybe, all the different worlds in one will one day come a little closer together.

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