Wednesday, 14 August 2013

ERIKA - Onna Bugeisha

 Basically this post was supposed to be posted about a million years ago, but the laptop I was using lost the ability to produce the a and it would be very weird if this post was a-less. Plus the exclamation marks did not work and that is just awkward even though it is totally uncool to use exclamation marks! Whatever. Let's just move on.

I recently posted a tweet saying I was tired of all those mindless party songs. Don't get me wrong, I love some good pop tunes and sometimes I do like to sing along to songs as profound as a lego brick. Yet lately it seems like almost all music released is about partying (*cough Kesha*) or about snorting coke in the bathroom (Miley, I'm talking to you). These songs are great when you're going nuts on the dancefloor in some dodgy club, with everyone's sweat on you and you just don't care. It's just not something you listen to when youare just chilling at home and are in some sort of profound mood of profoundness and want to listen to songs which actually have meaning. Lyrics which you can quote and post in facebook statuses to make everybody appreciate your understanding of life. Or whatever.

One artist who does know how to write good songs with a deeper meaning is the wonderful Erika. As mentioned before on this fabulous blog, she used to sing for Mika, but is now carving her own path to stardom with her new ep entitled Onna Bugeisha.

The EP contains 5 songs. Wonderful, The Show, Touch me, Junkie and Maybe. I'm not good at describing songs and I feel like everybody should experience listening to a song themselves before judging, but I have to say that Erika's voice is sublime. She has proven to have a far more powerful voice than the majority of female singers out there. I must admit, even though her previous EP was good, I think she has made much more progress this time and I can't say there is a song that I don't like. I believe her when she sings, which is a must for me in order to be supportive of a singer.

I suggest you buy and download the EP as soon as you possibly can because you do not want to miss out on this.

Watch her video for Touch Me (I Won't Break) below:

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