Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I have a dream

To whoever is reading this,

I am nothing, yet I am everything. I'm just a number in the system, yet I matter. I matter because I have a voice and so do you. Alone our voices may be whispers, but together our voices create a song. A song of freedom. A song that should be sang loudly and with pride. We are something if only our voices travel together across the distance. As long as we take a stand.

You see, I have this dream. A vision. I see the world not as the fucked-up place it is now. I see opportunities. I see the world as it should be.
I dream, therefore I am.
I breathe, therefore I exist.
I have hope, therefore I can make a change.

But a change can't be made alone. One drop in the ocean does not cause a giant wave. I dream that if we stand together and let ourselves be heard, we can make the difference.

Love should not be war. Society should not decide for anyone who they can or can't love. We should not hold on to ideals created far before our time and portray it as truth. There is no truth. We all follow our own truth anyway.
Love should not be a matter of what is right or wrong. The only thing that should matter is the desire to go home, because that is where the person who gets your heart racing awaits you. Regardless of gender. Regardless of anything as long as that person unleashes feelings that are so strong, you feel like you'd die if they wouldn't be around you.
Love is love.
A kiss is a kiss.
Love should not be restricted by laws enforced by those who look but cannot see.
Hate should not be the guide. Tolerance should be.

Dark times have taken hold of us. The light at the end of the tunnel flickers and fades. We try to save ourselves by believing what we've been told but we forget that we can't survive on our own with empty words alone.
We're not powerless, even though it might feel that way. We should not be silenced. We should raise our voices. For acceptance. For tolerance. For hope.

The moment hope dies, so will we. Love and hope are stronger than fear and death. I have a dream that there will come a day when we can all accept our differences. The differences that make us unique. I dream that we no longer use violence to convince others of our right. I have a dream that we can live together in harmony and find peace in both our hearts and minds.

It might be silly, but these are my dreams.

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