Monday, 15 April 2013

The Justin Bieber Experience by a non-belieber

As is universally known now, I met Justin Bieber on Saturday. I am not really a JB fan, the only song I can sing along is Boyfriend and I know the chorus of Baby, but my dear friend Niko wanted to meet him, so I obediently tagged along.

When given my wristband, I was told: "Unless you want to be strangled, please hide it." I did. I love my life too much to let it be taken away at a Justin Bieber gig. Right that instant a little girl came up to me to ask me how I got the m&g. My heart broke to let her down. We moved on to the VIP entrance, where a lot of fangirls were waiting. After a while, we were let in, but not after girls grabbed me by the arm and screamed "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BRACELET?" at me. I was very scared.

We were led inside and I thought it would be a short wait. I was wrong. He was 4 hours late. It was the longest wait in the history of waiting. Niko was stressing like I usually do and I just tried hard to keep myself from jumping out of the window. Around 9, we were finally led to the M&G room. There was a queue and every time a girl met him, they would run past us whilst crying hysterically. I found it very amusing. We finally got into the room. Justin was drooling over Niko's jacket. I said hey and wanted to stand next to him but security yelled that I had to go to the other side. Okay, whatevs. Justin loved Niko's jacket so much that he wanted an individual picture with Niko. I was happy for that bitch as he had been moaning about getting one for ages.

After that, we went to our seats but as all the girls stood on the chairs, we instead moved to the middle of the venue. There was a large open space which was nice. The countdown began. The screaming became unbearable during the last 10 seconds. Then the intro started. I actually loved the intro as it was very well done. To keep it short, I liked the show, loved the dancing, could barely hear the singing due to the screaming, but I was glad it was all over as I got really tired of the constant noise.

It took us hours to get back home because everybody and their mother left the venue at the same time. It was quite the experience and although the show was ok I won't go again anytime soon. I can't handle so many fangirls together.

Here's a video about my experience:

The Justin Bieber experience by a non-belieber. from Ingrid Chant on Vimeo.

And our picture:

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