Monday, 25 March 2013

Work in progress

So, I'm working very hard on a new project in between all the things I have to do for uni. I'm very proud of what we've got so far and am pretty sure it will be fucking amazing. Here's a thing I just wrote. Not sure if it will make the cut but I liked it:

I can tell your heart’s been crying
I can tell that you’ve been hiding
Don’t fear, show your face again.

I only want to see you smiling.
We’ll forget about the little white lies
And paint the world in our colours.

From now on there won’t be sorrow
We’ll be walking on clouds so
When you lose your way I’ll be next to you.

Take a step forward instead of turning back
We’re petals dancing in a chilly breeze
Whenever you need me, know that I’m here.

I’ll wake you up in the morning
I’ll sing you to sleep at night.
I will be the person who will tell you it’s alright.

 Sometimes we play a losing game
We can’t win if we’ve never tried
I only live to see the sunshine rise in your eyes.


This is conception art we've made. It is a model for the most awesome drawing you'll ever see in your existence.

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