Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A very important message

We, the people of the NAFTPOTCHOD are angry. Why you ask? Because we feel discriminated. Bullied. Tortured. We've sat back for too long and let all of this go by, but enough is enough. Our teenagers are harming themselves, they can't go to a pond without being made fun of. First they were too feathery, now they can't set a foot without teenage girls and orange adults pulling these weird faces, imitating our beautiful visages. It makes us feel self-conscious. It makes us sad! It makes us angry!

We will fight against it. Oh yes we will. And we shall not come alone. All broad-beaked bitches will come and find you, next time you're near our pond. We will have no mercy.

So, as a request of the National Association For The Protection Of The Culture Heritage Of Ducks, please, humans, stop making fun of us. We will give you a week. If not, our revenge will be feathery sweet.


Quack Duck
President of the NAFTPOTCHOD.

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