Sunday, 17 February 2013

Inspiring Person #3: Adam Lambert

Oh hey, here's another blog again. I know you've been dying to hear from me and I couldn't leave my darlings without another blog post, so here we go, another blog about an inspiring person. This time it will be about this man:

 So, I have to start off by saying I'm not an Adam fan in the typical definition of the word. I do not follow him around and I do not know every song by heart, but I have seen him live once and I was blown away by his performance. He is fierce, funny and damn he's got one hell of a voice. One of the most powerful male voices I've ever heard live. I'm very glad my dear friend Babz introduced me to his music.

I adore his music as it makes me feel damn good to dance to it. I think he specifically excels in the more upbeat songs. He makes you feel sexy and good about yourself no matter what you look like.

The reason why I think Adam is an inspiring person is not necessarily his music. It's his message. He is such a positive individual and I find it very interesting to read his tweets. He is accepting and intelligent and it shows in the way he speaks about being yourself and loving yourself. His look also shows he is not afraid to empower his message and embrace who he is, no matter if some people might consider it to be strange. I find it very important to be accepting and tolerant towards others, hence why I really admire Adam. He is a true role model and should be proud of all he's achieved.

As I mentioned I have seen him live once, in 2010 and it was fantastic. It was in my favourite venue Paradiso (such fond memories) and I did have a little moment with him, as I was dancing the way I usually do.

At about 2.42 you can see him pointing at me and saying: "It does feel like XTC with you girl!" And I have to say, people like Adam, and Mika and Katy and quite a few others are the reason why I feel free enough to dance like a maniac and have fun. The music has empowered me to be myself and most importantly, believe in myself. So thank you.

You should definitely check out Adam's albums: For Your Entertainment and Trespassing.

And one of his best songs:


  1. Yay Adam :D beter komt ie weer ns wat gigs doen aan deze kant van de oceaan

  2. Haha ja ik hoop het ook. Weet alleen niet of het er in zit aangezien Trespassing hier geen doorslaand succes was.


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