Monday, 11 February 2013


I realised I haven't written any stories in ages and felt like I had to do something. So, I've decided to do a series on the Seven Deadly Sins. Expect a new story every week, if I remember that is. The first one is envy. Let me know what you think.


“I'm coming for you,” Levia whispered. Her slim and slender body slithered over the cold floor. Her eyes were a deep yellow, her skin a peculiar shade of green. She moved, carefully and silent, to her unknowing victim. She watched her from a distance. Aina. Her golden hair reaching her middle. Her skin as pale as as snowflakes. Her smile as bright as the Northern lights. Her beauty so divine it made hearts skip a beat. She had to go.
Aina hummed a gentle melody. One that could be heard and admired from a great distance. A song that could melt the hearts of a thousand men. Despicable. It had to perish.

She crept closer and closer, until she reached the fair lady, observing her from the back. The melody stopped. A deafening silence arose. A shift of the foot. A shrill shriek. Levia attacked. Their bodies entwined.
“Stop, please stop!” Aina screamed.
Levia had no mercy. Hatred filled every vein of her body.
“I have done you no wrong!” Her victim cried.
Levia laughed. A humourless, cold laugh.
“Done me no wrong?” She shouted, “You took everything from me. You were always the prettiest. The smartest. The bravest. I was nothing.”
Levia tightened her grip. Aina grasped for air, but struggled to stay conscious.
“Father loved you more. So did mother. So did every man who laid his eyes upon you. Not anymore. When you're gone, it will be my turn to shine. It will be my turn to be somebody.”

Levia's words stabbed her like a knife. Anger, an anger she had never felt before rushed through her blood. She fought back. She tried to remove her sister's arms from her neck, but to no avail.
“You're weak my darling. Soon you shall be gone and forgotten. Beauty fades and so will your memory,” Levia laughed.
Aina screamed. She struggled and managed to break the grip of her sister. She pushed Levia to the ground and looked at her with pity.
“Your heart is as hard as rock. You can't expect to receive love when you know no love,” Aina spoke.
She walked back slowly, and reached an old mirror.
“Please! No!” Levia shouted when she realised what her sister was planning to do.

“Begging me for mercy now? Pity comes too late.”

“Aina, please, my dear sister. I was wrong. I shall repent for my sins. Please, don't do this,” Levia begged.

“You shall indeed,” Aina spoke softly.

She removed the mirror from the wall and placed it in front of her sister. The desperate woman tried hard not to look at her reflection.

“Look at yourself Levia. You pitiful creature. Is this what you wanted to become?”

Levia glanced at her reflection in the mirror. It was not the girl she used to see. A vile and poisonous snake glared back at her, a tear falling from its eye.

“No. No,” Levia winced. She could feel her body getting colder. The life in her limbs slowly fading away. She could see her legs, body and arms freeze until her entire body was numb and nothing moved but her eyes.

“I shall have mercy this time,” Aina said. She grabbed a spear from the wall. It had only served a decorative purpose before. Not anymore.
She held the spear tightly in her tiny hands. Aina looked into her sibling's eyes and smiled compassionately.

“I wish it had been different,” she said.

And with those words she stabbed her sister in her heart. Levia's scream pierced through her body. She stepped back as Levia melted, as het desperate eyes cried for help and understanding one last time.

Levia was gone.

And with a deep sigh, Aina returned to her seat and stared at the world outside, watching life pass by.

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