Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rocking the shit out of Paradiso

So you know, yesterday I sang on stage with Mika. No biggie, right? I was lucky enough to be chosen as part of the Polka Dot Choir. Which meant I got to sing in Paradiso. In front of about 1500 people. How awesome is that? Totally awesome!

Getting inside

I was already in Amsterdam which was quite convenient. I slept in a hostel (well I barely slept anyway because I shared my bunk bed with a total bitch) and woke up quite early in the morning. I decided to already put lots of make up on, which apparently was considered to be very strange by all the backpacking people. I then went down to get breakfast, couldn't eat without wanting to throw up, attempted to paint my nails but failed miserably, before I was kicked out and left on the street with no money and no shelter. I'm just kidding. I had money.
I spent the following hours wandering around Amsterdam, walking in and out of shops until I decided to see some friends who were queueing. We went for lunch and before I knew it, it was about time to go in. I met some choir members in front of the venue already, and we immediately hit it off. Not sexually, you pervert. We are decent girls.
Anyways, we were let inside the venue without anyone checking IDs. Which was strange but okay. After a while, the entire choir was complete and I felt as if I had known these people for ages already. Everyone was so lovely and crazy and we were really determined to be the best we could possibly be.
After waiting for aaaageesss, the band finally arrived and Tim led us to the dressing room where we would rehearse. Everybody just sat down, chilled a bit and we all sang together. Other band members came and sang with us and it was all very cool. At a sudden point Mika appeared, but nobody seemed to be bothered by it. We were in the flow, yo. They said we were a good choir, and Tim shouted Dutch Power! We all agreed of course, but then Mika told Tim off because he can't even pronounce his own Dutch last name. Which was quite funny. We kept practising some more and I would have been fine with it if we had done that for hours. It was so intimate and relaxed and we sounded very good together.
The band left for soundcheck and we practised some more. We helped each other with lyrics and harmonies and vowed to make it the best show evah. It wasn't long before we were called up for soundcheck. Funny thing was, when they put us behind the microphone, the technician guy looked at me and said: "haven't we met before?" I coughed and mumbled Possibly.
We had to stand really close to the microphone, so my mic partner and I pretended to kiss each other as we were that close. We rehearsed some dance moves and Popular and then were kicked off again. Tim came back later to rehearse some of the other songs, but we were short on time so after that, we had a short break and we got something to eat.
It then turned into one big make up party as we all prepared for the show. We were told we could watch the first few songs from the back and so we did. We were dancing and singing along and people were looking at us. It was hilarious. When Lola started, we ran back, put our robes on and prepared to go on stage. The moment the last notes of Rain died away were the most nerve-wrecking. It all disappeared the moment we got on stage...

The gig

Basically, we went for it. About a 200%. We danced and sang our lungs out. We had to get off stage sometimes, and get back on again. We were on stage for the last half of the show. Of course I had my little fail moment, when during the band introduction, I didn't see Mika motioning us to sit down. So I kept standing. Then got pulled down and fell. And everyone fell with me like we were playing domino. It was pretty fucking hilarious. I should learn to pay more attention next time, hehe.
It was great to see the audience smiling and dancing and responding to us. It's weird when strangers are trying to touch you. But fun! When we got off stage we were sweating like maniacs, but we were in such a state of bliss and euphoria. I think that all of us could have gone for another hour without a problem. It was fucking amazing.

After the show

We walked down the stairs and got a thumbs up from Mika once we were downstairs. Tim came over to high five us all. It was a great show and a great start of the European tour. We were all jumping around and smiling and saying how awesome we were. We decided to take a group picture in our robes (in front of the toilet). Mrs. Penniman was so kind to take it for us. Then we started being excited again when Mika appeared with a bottle of Moet&Chandon. He wanted to toast on us and was sad that there only was one bottle. He then showed off his skills as a previous waiter, but apparently you can't hire him for parties. Damn it. So, we downed the champagne (which was not a good idea for me because I don't usually drink alcohol) and we just chatted a bit about the show, about creepy gifts from people, stoned audience members and what not. Then it was picture time. We first took group pictures, and then we took pictures in smaller groups. When one of the guys suggested to look 'tough' I said they should do a sexy face. Mika totally failed at his because he started laughing and couldn't do it.
He then said he wished our paths would cross again and hoped we would sing together again someday. Which should totally happen. We should start a popgroup. Mika & The Mikettes. Or whatever. I see a bright future ahead!
Mika then left and we started to clean the dressing room because we're awesome like that. The band came over to take a picture and it turned out great. We packed up our stuff, promised to stay in touch and then left the venue *sad face*.

I haven't had this much fun in ages. We were constantly laughing, having fun, singing and dancing. I was so sad when it was over because I had the best fucking time ever. We weren't treated as fans at all, but it really felt like we belonged there. I wish we could do this every day. Damn it. I miss everyone already!

So Mika, next gig in Amsterdam, call us maybe?


  1. Great blog Ingie - sounds like a great night!! Looking forward to watching the videos :-)

  2. So awesome Ingie, i'm super happy you got to experience such a thing !!!

  3. It was so cool seeing you on stage! you know what i think honey xxxx
    Brilliant - take a bow - we love you ingrid!!!

  4. That sounds incredible! I'm so jealous(but in a good way!)x


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