Monday, 5 November 2012

Inspiring shit: Let's pretend this never happened

You know, I am not a normal person. At least that's what most people say. Opinions are always different and range from "Omg, you're awesome" to "Bitch, please disappear." That's fine. You can't win them all. Or can you? In any case, people always agree on the fact that I am not normal. But being normal is boring anyway and should be forbidden by law.

Being weird has led me to enjoy people who are equally strange. And that is why I always enjoyed reading the Bloggess. I mean the blog of course. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so!

In April this year, The Bloggess, or Jenny Lawson as she's really called, published a book called "Let's pretend this never happened". I wanted to read it back then, but in ma country, it wasn't released yet and so I had to wait centuries until I got it for my birthday. I immediately started reading it and I have never laughed this much about a book in my life. She's honest, funny and shows that there is nothing wrong with being weird or strange. It has actually taught me a lot about myself and about others. We all have our flaws. We all make mistakes. But instead of judging others by these faults, we should embrace them and celebrate our differences.

2 quotes that really struck me:

“You should just accept who you are, flaws and all, because if you try to be someone you aren't, then eventually some turkey is going to shit all over your well-crafted facade, so you might as well save yourself the effort and enjoy your zombie books.” 

“I can finally see that all the terrible parts of my life, the embarrassing parts, the incidents I wanted to pretend never happened, and the things that make me "weird" and "different," were actually the most important parts of my life. They were the parts that made me ME.”  

I have started to feel more comfortable about myself in the past few months. This book was even more of an eye-opener. It made me want to go out into the world and celebrate my weirdness. It made me proud of who I was, even though I am everything but perfect. And I have accepted the fact that not everyone can and will like you, and that they will talk badly about you. But that's no longer my problem. I'm proud of who I am and everyone should be. This book has given me the desire to be free again. I feel like running outside and throwing glitter at random people. I bet bitches would love that.

In conclusion, if you're strange and you feel like you're alone, read this book. You know what, just read this book anyway. It will make you laugh and it will make you feel better. And don't forget to check out  Weirdoes unite!

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