Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Blacklist

I am very particular about the series I watch and rarely do I like a show so much that I write a blog about it. People have told me to watch Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and more shows like that, but even though I'm sure these are great shows, I never felt the need to join the hype and bother watching them. I know people who watch every popular show out there, but I simply have no time to keep up with different series so I am picky and until a few days ago, the only show I still followed was How I Met Your Mother.

That changed though. On tv I saw an ad for a brand new show called the Blacklist. It stars James Spader, who is an incredible actor. I've seen him before on Boston Legal, a show I loved as well but did not really follow. It was from the creator of Ally McBeal though and I adore Ally McBeal.
But I digress, so James Spader was on this new show and even though crime shows such as CSI did not interest me, I decided to give it a go.

And holy shit. It is fucking amazing.

The Blacklist is a show you must watch if you like clever plots and interesting characters. I'm halfway through season 1 now and basically I grasp for breath multiple times every 10 minutes because something completely unexpected happens. There is never a dull moment. You are constantly on the edge of your seat.
I also really like how it's written. It's clever, it's fast-paced and there is still room for character development. I find that a very important aspect when I watch a show. No matter if it's comedy or thriller, there has to be some sort of depth. In the Blacklist, not only the main characters have a well-thought out backing story, but also the bad guys have a background story, which is good because nobody is evil for no reason.

And really, James Spader as Reddington is phenomenal. He is my favourite actor along with Robert Downey Jr. (and he's going to play Ultron in the Avengers...with RDJ again. My heart is already bursting of joy). He is the perfect bad guy but so cunning and manipulative that you can't help but love him.

I really recommend this. Even if you don't like shows like this, trust me, it's amazing. And thank fuck it is renewed for a second season! So what are you waiting for, watch it as soon as you can!

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