Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I have a confession to make...

Hey kids!

I know I haven't blogged in ages, but that's because I was extremely busy. And lazy. But mostly busy and I still am. But because I know that you can't survive without my wisdom, I have decided to sit my ass down and write you this beautiful blogpost to satisfy your never-ending hunger for my words.

So today I want to discuss a very stressing issue that I as a member of the female species have to deal with. I only thought about it today and damn, it was an eye-opener. You see, I have a confession to make...I am...hopelessly unromantic.I have never seen a Nicolas Sparks film nor have I read any of his book and I never plan to either. On those lonely nights that girls sometimes have, I never feel like downloading the Notebook and eating a jar of Ben&Jerry's as substitute boyfriends. Just give me a good thriller or a comedy in which feminism isn't set back 100 years and we're good.

Oh, and Ryan Gosling...what the hell is up with him? Women around the globe apparently wet their panties at the thought of him alone but I am not feeling it. I don't get the fuss about him. Yeah, he looks good but so do many other actors who do have more charm than he does. Just saying...

I recall leaving the cinema after the first Twilight film (I know, I am still traumatised) and a group of girls went to the bathroom as girls do (why do us girls always travel in packs to the toilet? I am perfectly capable of doing that myself. But I digress) and one of them shouted: "I also want a vampire as a boyfriend!"
No. You don't. Or maybe it's just me but I don't find it romantic when a guy stalks me around all the time and breaks into my house to watch me sleep and then ends up knocking me up with a baby that eats me from the inside. That is not marriage material, girl. You should get him a fucking restraining order.
I also could not understand why in the second film, that bitch was just sitting there, staring out of the window, moaning because her stalker vampire lover had left her. Really? Get a grip. Stephenie Meyer, what the hell were you thinking? Take a look at the Hunger Games or Hermione from Harry Potter. Those are lead characters with balls.

I don't believe in the fairytale that women have to sit around until their prince will come. The women who do believe that end up in a flat with 30 cats and twilight posters everywhere. I guess, girls expect too much of their boyfriends and are disappointed when they turn out to be as romantic as a barstool. I don't have such high expectations. I am content with sweet words and that special look in someone's eyes when they are really into you. There is nothing Ryan Gosling can say straight from his well-written script that can beat those looks.

So yay for all the unromantic chicks out there. Yay for us who don't want and need the struggle of romantic comedies. Yay for not having these high expectations. There is nothing better than love, even if it's not just like the movies.

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