Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer trip part tres: Madrid!

I am very happy today for a variety of reasons, and so I figured it would be a fantabulous idea to FINALLY write my long anticipated blog for Madrid! Oh the joy!

Viva Espana!

After waiting until 4 o'clock in the fucking morning, we at last went back to our hotel to sleep a bit before having to wake up quite early again to catch a train to Brussels. We headed off to the station, had something to eat, bid our goodbyes to Niko who was going home, and tried to figure out which train we had to take.
Let me tell you, trains in Belgium are weird. First they spoke French, but then suddenly they changed to Dutch. I didn't mind, but I think it can be confusing.

When we were finally in Brussels, the initial plan was to walk around the city before heading off to the airport, but decided it was better not to. We went down to buy tickets to the airport, but the man at the counter was having his period. I could tell he spoke Dutch by his English accent, so I took over from Laura and spoke Dutch to him. He was one nasty bitch and quite rude. We just took our tickets and off we went again.
It took a while, a bustrip with screaming kids (who would later accompany us in the plane) and overpriced drinks before we could fly to Madrid for a short stop in our tour. We didn't get to sit next to each other, but that was ok. We were far too tired anyway.
The flight was not spectacular, apart from Laura controlling the still screaming kids with her telepatic powers. She made one of the kids bump his head. That's how she rolls.

We arrived in Madrid at night, went to the metro, had to carry our bags over a shitload of stairs. Seriously Madrid, would it be so difficult to install lifts in your metro stations for poor tourists like us? The mood was not uplifting when we had to face another obstacle in our way to fresh air, condemned to carrying our bags.
At last, we managed to find the right stop and went upstairs once again to find our hostel. This happened to be a bit of a challenge. After first walking the wrong way, we decided to go all the way back. It was already dark, we were tired and if anyone had mugged us that night, I would have slapped a bitch.

Patience is a virtue and we finally found our hostel. It was quite nice, the people were nice and they had free wi-fi! We went up to our room and there were 3 beds. I drew a map for you:

Laura and I immediately claimed the beds in the middle of the room, forcing Luke to take the one opposite the door. He was not happy. You see, he feared the big men walking around the hostel would come and steal him away from us. Or eat him. Or tickle him to death. Anyway, he was not a happy camper. And threw a bitchfit. And we just laughed. And he had to sleep there.

We attempted to watch Harry Potter. We fell asleep. Luke was woken up by the cleaners who wanted to clean our room. Luke thought he was going to be kidnapped.

He is still alive though, for the people who wonder.

Anyway, we got out too late and just went to the Playa Mayor and had some overpriced lunch which wasn't even that good. We then walked around and went shopping. Yes we did. We gave Mr. Donegan a make-over. Even a new eau de toilette. The Secret by Antonio Banderas. It made him feel invincible.

After we did the make over we went to this lovely restaurant with even lovelier staff. Especially one guy. We shall call him Guadicimo. Guadicimo was a handsome Spanish guy. And nice too. And the food was lovely. So we gave him a 5 euro tip. He acted as if he had just won the lottery and Penelope Cruz had come in naked to tell him. We left and went back to the hostel, glad we did such a good deed for such a hardworking, good-looking, eager Spanish boy.

And we slept. We slept a lot. Basically we did not wake up and got ready until around dinner time. We had dinner in a lovely little Spanish restaurant where they did not speak English. Their cod was lovely. I want to go back there and marry them as it was the best thing I tasted in quite a while. After finishing our meal, we walked around a bit more, had some ice cream and headed back to the hostel as the next morning we had an early flight to Porto.

And we slept. And slept some more. And woke up too early. And said adios to Madrid and OLA to Porto!

And that adventure will be told in my next blog post!

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  1. Why did I feel slightly sorry for Luke while reading your blog? LOL


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