Monday, 28 February 2011

Nice to meet you

In the past, I have proven to suck at blogging. I still do probably, but I am attempting to better my virtual life and actually share all my thoughts with you. Not that my thoughts are interesting or entertaining at all. On the contrary. This is just a way to keep that one person, who accidentally stumbles in, updated on all my exciting projects. I am a real project person. Everyone who knows me knows that.
Speaking of which, I haven't even properly introduced myself. You can call me Ingrid. Or Ingie. Just no Ing unless you really know me. Muffin is another of my splendid nicknames. Though it sounds kind of strange if you don't know the context of it all.
You might know me from It is a fair possibility that you happened to come across that one and rolled into this. Anyway, I felt it was time for something more personal. Through this blog I will keep you updated on my antics and of course the process of my work. In case you're interested. If not, I'd rather see you leave. There is the door!

Kidding, I love you very much even though you are a virtual stranger.

Love & Glitter


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