Sunday, 9 February 2014

Goodbye Flappy Bird

Dear Flappy Bird,

I got to know you on a pretty average Friday afternoon. I had heard you were quite popular, so it was only a matter of time before I would install you on my phone. I had heard stories about you. I was told you were the reason for a lot of frustration. I did not believe it. I knew that you and I, we would be different. I was convinced of it. Flappy Bird, despite the fact you more resemble a fish with blown-up lips, I knew that we had a special bond. We were going to show the world that you weren't as bad as they portrayed you to be.

Flappy Bird, how could I have been so blind? For just a second you reminded me of the good old days in which I played Super Mario on my Gameboy. I was incredibly good at it. But the nostalgia soon disappeared the moment I could not get you through more than 1 tube. I did not give up. Giving up is for losers. So I wasted hours of my precious time on you. And after all that time my highscore was just 26. And that was just luck. Soon I was so frustrated and angry that it was impossible for me to think straight. This was my response whenever you fell down again:

Dear Flappy bird. I removed you out of anger. I couldn't handle it anymore. I thought our relationship would be different. I thought you were going to make me feel that I could make a difference. That I was the only one who could get you through those damned tubes. 

And now you're gone Flappy. Your creator couldn't deal with it any more eiter. I don't think he could beat my highscore and that says a lot. Flappy, you ruined the lives of many. It's time you learn that you were not meant to fly. Stay on the ground and bite the dust. Our relationship is over. I don't ever want to see you again. It was frustrating enough for as long as it lasted.
You did give me inspiration for Valentine's day:



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