Sunday, 9 September 2012

Seeing the same artist over and over? Shocking!

I get to hear these questions a lot: Why do you always go to gigs of the same artist? Isn't that boring? Are you obsessed or something? I used to feel the need to defend myself. These people were waiting for an explanation. To them it seemed oh so strange that someone would spend money on actually travelling to a show of their favourite artist in whatever corner of the world and shock horror, doing that multiple times? Weird. But is it weird though? I don't think so. For many people, like myself, music is a saviour. It inspires. It makes you happy. And it doesn't matter which artist you like. Sometimes music or an artist changes you in a positive way. And what's better than to actually go see a show of that artist to show your support and sing along to the songs you fucking love with like-minded people? Besides, no 2 gigs are ever the same. Different things happen. And those small differences are always the most memorable ones. So no, it is never boring. Another thing those people can't seem to grasp is that you do not have to be obsessed in order to go to multiple gigs. Yes, there are always obsessed fans who collect everything, dedicate their whole life to a certain artist and basically spend all their money on a popstar. They will do everything to get close to the artist and sometimes, things get ugly. These are the kind of fans who will break down in tears of their popstar is dating someone, because that means they don't have a chance, or fight with fans of other artists when negative things have been said about their darling. I do not see myself as such a fan. I don't collect anything, I buy the albums and go to the shows. That's about it. I like to communicate with my friends whom I met through the artist, but I am not dedicating my twitter and facebook profile to my favourite artists. I like to keep my own identity. I won't do anything extreme to get near an artist. If I get to meet them, that's cool, but I wouldn't go to their hotels, to the airport or wherever they may be in town just to see them. So whenever people call me obsessive, I just laugh it off because they have no clue about what obsession is at all.

The point is, it is my decision to see those shows in whatever country I like. It is my money after all, and well, I think I am allowed to spend it without having to justify my decisions? Some people like to hang out in the same bar every single weekend, drinking all their hard-earned euros away and forgetting all about what happened the next day. I'd rather take that money, go see a show with my friends and keep the memories.
So, do I regret going to the same show over and over? No. It's a part of me. It are moments where I can be completely free and forget about all worries. It's what makes me happy. So no matter what people say, if you want to see the same artist a million times, don't let anyone stop you. Just do whatever makes you happy.


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