Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I'm sitting on my bed right now, still recovering from the best days I've ever experienced in my whole life. I look back at those moments and my heart still fills itself with glee. And perhaps because I spend my days listening to the beautiful new love songs by Mika, whom I greatly admire, that I stopped and thought about love as well.

Love is a beautiful thing. It's the reason we breathe. It gives purpose to our existence. I'd rather die than not love and be loved. What's left to live for if we only live for ourselves? If we only live to make money? Money is not going to embrace you when you're feeling down and hugging yourself is just not quite the same thing. I enjoy love. I enjoy being in love. That strange feeling in your stomach, it just makes me happy.

Yet Love can be like poison. It can eat you up from the inside, destroy you if you are not careful. Love can bring you regret and fear and can cause jealousy and frustration. I remember at the age of 13 I was madly in love with a guy and my infatuation lasted for 3 years. When I finally sent him an email saying I liked him, he ignored me. And I feel like I was the main subject of many jokes. That broke me. It took quite a while for me to start trusting men (boys) again and I still feel like I'm not completely opened up yet.

Love can also be a cause for hatred. I live in a country proud of its tolerance, yet in reality there is still a lot of hate polluting the air. What if you love someone so deeply and are so desperate to be with that person, but society discourages your love? What if you happen to fall in love with the same gender? I am still convinced of the fact that everybody should be able to love whoever they want. In the end, it all doesn't really matter. In the end we do not fall in love with a certain gender. We fall in love with a person. As time passes, you are not just looking at the thing between your partner's legs, but you're dealing with their personality, the good things and the bad things. When having sex it does make a difference, but apart from that, love is so much more than gender. It is not designed just for man + woman = baby. It's that feeling that makes you smile and giggle without an explanation. It's the drug that temporarily makes you lose your mind and puts your head in the clouds.
Love is for everyone. Everyone should be loved and should be able to love freely and passionately. Some of my closest friends are gay and I wish for them to be able to walk down the street holding hands with the one they love, without people judging them. Without them having to feel uncomfortable or guilty. Without them being harrassed. In the end, love is love.

I just wanted to share these deep thoughts with you, as I don't do that very often. Sometimes the Plato in me has to get out and deliver an awesome speech that will change the world. Or so I believe.

Maybe one day we will wake up in a world where it doesn't matter who you are or what you do and who you love. Maybe one day, instead of seeing our differences, we can see our similarities.

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