Sunday, 8 July 2012

Katy Perry Part of Me Premiere London

Sometimes a person instantly inspires you. It could be anyone and everyone is inspired by different people. I do not really admire that many people, but I must say Katy Perry is definitely one of those people I do admire.

I've followed her since the beginning of 2008, before I kissed a girl was released, and it's been amazing to see how far she's come. That´s why I was very happy when I got tickets to attend the premiere of her film in London!
I decided to be a smart person and arrive the morning of the premiere and so I did. I woke up at 4 am (goddamit), did my make up and ran to the bus as my personal driver (a.k.a my dad) refused to pick me up and drive me to the airport. I arrived on time, and everything went smoothly. I paid 3 euros for an apple juice and my heart cried. Thirst took over me though and soon, my bank account had to let go. But that is not what you are wanting to read, so I'll fast forward a whole bit.

I arrived at Leicester Square in all its glory and I happened to walk the right way to the cinema. This is exceptional, as usually I end up running around in circles. In panic. Crying. Not this time though! I found the place as they were already setting up everything for the premiere. I walked around desperately trying to connect to Wi Fi, which happened now and then, before looking at all the people queueing. It was quite early and there were quite a lot of people there already. I found Carina and Lisa and said hi, before heading off to M&Ms world to spend my time waiting for the others to come around. It was here that I nearly got a heart attack as two lovely ladies jumped in front of me, wanting to know if I was Ingie. I was. Still am. I just checked in the mirror. Anyways, we spoke for a bit and then went outside again, where I talked some more with the Katycats outside before meeting with Flor and her friends. We hung around, I had my first SNOG (not that kind) and met with all the others in our gang. At around 5 we went to the supah fancy W hotel to pick up our tickets and then we went down to the hectic Leicester Square. It was insanely crowded and things got insane when Katy arrived. She did a speech and then started signing stuff, and we were allowed to walk the pink carpet.

When we walked in, we went to our seats and found out we were seated with the important MTV people. There was one guy who sucked up so much to the vice president of MTV Americuh, that his head nearly disappeared in her behind. Yeah he also worked at MTV international. Yeah. As coffee boy probably. There were some B-celebrities like cast members of The Only Way is Essex, there was a comedian called Russell Kane and Perez Hilton was guarded by 3 very (ahum) intimidating cinema girls. Katy came and introduced the film, which was lovely. She was her funny self and did a little Q&A which made the fangurls who got to ask her questions break down in tears. There was also a group of fans who were insanely annoying, screaming whenever Katy tried to say something. She had to tell them to shut up a few times, but naturally, they didn't. Whatevaaah.

Katy left and we watched the film. No spoilers here, but just suffice to say it is a very inspirational, heartbreaking film. You should definitely watch it. Now. Go.

After the film, we said our goodbyes and Laura and I went back to her place. Not for long though. I'll be back the 26th!

Here are some videos I stole off of youtube. Still waiting for the pictures as I forgot to put a battery in my own camera.

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