Friday, 22 April 2011

Inspiring Shit: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Some of you who had the (doubtable) honour to meet me personally know that I am a special brand of crazy. I often convince myself the right brand of crazy yet that is up for interpretation.
When my dear friend Babz introduced me to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I immediately knew I had found my new favourite film in the whole world. It is a mixture of insanity with most of the cast being typical outcasts, yet making it look incredibly cool to be one.

For those of you who don't know anything about the film, it was originally a stage production, in 1975 I believe, before being converted to the screen. It's about a couple, Brad and Janet, who get car trouble and seek refuge in an old scary castle, only to be greeted by aliens and in particular Dr. Frank 'N Furter, who is a transvestite from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transsylvania. He created a perfect human, the blonde Rocky and that is the start of a series of weird events.

The plot isn't very layered and it doesn't have to be. The weird songs and variety of characters are enough. It is actually a parody on horror films from that time. When the film was released, it was quickly forgotten. Luckily the hardcore fans saved it from oblivion and it soon became a cult hit. The film is best to be seen in theatres, where audience participation takes place. It is still shown at midnight screenings now and then and I definately want to attend a screening once. Fans dress up as characters, take props that are used during particular scenes in the film. Everyone is accepted, no matter who you are. It's all about being free and being whoever you want to be, and sexuality isn't shunned either, no matter if it is man and woman, man and man or two ladies together. And that is what appeals most to me, not being afraid of judgements and just living the way you want to because you fucking can! Not to mention Tim Curry is a brilliant transvestite. I prefer him this way than him scaring the living daylight out of me as It the Clown.
I think it is brilliant that it has become such a cult-hit. Here's an example of the audience participation, these are taken at the 35th anniversary screening. The first one is Dammit Janet, performed by Matthew Morrison and Lea Michelle from Glee. Just listen to the audience singing along and screaming, especially during the second one:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not for everybody. You have to be slightly insane to get it and appreciate it. For all those years it has been a safe place for freaks and outcasts, such as me, to be themselves among people who think the same. Nobody judges you.

As Dr. Frank 'N Furter sings in the film: Don't Dream It, Be It!
Best advice anyone could ever give.

Here are some clips you should check out. If you are open-minded and slightly crazy, this might be the film for you!

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